• Geneva Commons : The Chickens Coming Home To Roost

    20th Jun 2020 by

    The glimpse into the Geneva Commons facebook page  has proved something that many of us in the Reformed Church had been saying for years but had never been given much serious consideration. That we have been putting ‘zeal’ for correct doctrine above the fruits of the Spirit. The fallout among the exposed, while still in… Read more

  • Apologia no room to disagree

    11th May 2020 by

    Apologia agree to disagree? ‘Behold how good a thing it is and how becoming well, that brethren such as we in unity should dwell’ No matter what your church background, this little ditty from Psalm 133 is one that you have probably heard recited and preached on.  Which is for sure, a good thing. Small… Read more

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The Purpose of this Blog

This is for things that have helped me alot in my getting closer to my Lord and also things that I feel need said. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have Mercy on Me, A Sinner.

The image is of John the Baptist and not our Lord